July’s Essential Oil of the Month…Cedarwood!

3 Jul

PAP_YBN-3-webBotanical Name: Cedrus atlantica

Source: Wood


The aroma of Cedarwood essential oil can be described as sweet and woody. Cedarwood essential oil is best known for its ability to soothe and calm the nervous system.  Therapeutic properties of Cedarwood essential oil include, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent, stimulant, sedative properties.  Cedarwood essential oil also works as a natural insect repellent.

Cedarwood has historically been used by the Egyptians for embalming the dead and has also been used by the Native Americans to enhance their spiritual practices.

Experience Cedarwood essential oil in your massage this month.  Our July aromatherapy blend of the month,  “Sweet Summertime”, features a blend of Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Palmarosa and Rosemary essential oils.  Call or email us to schedule your appointment!

Uses & Facts:

  • Used by the Egyptians for embalming.
  • Soothing and calming to the nervous system.
  • Useful for acne, bronchitis, arthritis and stress reduction.
  • Use during meditation for a calming and grounding effect.


Meditation Blend

In a diffuser or nebulizer add the following essential oils:

Cedarwood essential oil– 5 drops

Juniperberry essential oil– 3 drops

Lavender essential oil– 4 drops

*Experience this aromatic diffusion in this month’s Guided Aromatherapy Meditation on Wednesday July 17th at 6:30 PM!

Bug Away Blend

In a 4 oz spritzer bottle combine the following:

Cedarwood essential oil– 13 drops

Lemongrass essential oil– 10 drops

Lavender essential oil– 10 drops

Peppermint essential oil– 4 drops

Eucalyptus essential oil– 8 drops

Fill bottle 50% distilled water and 50% apple cider vinegar

To Use: Spray on body and face (close eyes when spraying face) while outdoors for bug control.


Come on in and shop our studio or on-line!

For the month of July receive 10% off your Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at www.YourBodyNeeds.com for more information and recipes!

Happy Healthy Summer Days!

24 Jun

Daisies on whiteSummer is here!  I’m sure many of you are looking forward to vacations, cookouts, fireworks, cool summer evenings spent with family and friends and much more.  With all of that in mind, don’t forget about taking care of yourself during this season.  While summer tends to be a carefree time, your body and mind still need attention!

Here’s a few ways to keep yourself running at optimal levels:

Regular massage visits are truly beneficial to your body and your mind!  You don’t have to wait until you are stressed out and your muscles are aching in order to benefit.  We tend to be more active this time of year with all the gardening, grass cutting and outdoor activities. When you receive massage on a regular basis, you will truly notice the difference.  While there is much fun and adventure to be had during your summer, don’t forget to make those visits to Your Body Needs… for some quality table time!

Don’t just take our word for it!  Many of our clients have told us they used to think massage was a luxury and have come to realize it is not.  Massage has become part of their healthy life and when they fail to make regular sessions they really notice it and miss it.  Have you had a massage lately?  Perhaps it’s time to call or email us to set up that appointment!

We have weekly yoga classes in our studio and it’s not just any yoga, it’s Aroma Yoga!  Every Monday night at 5:30 come enjoy Aroma Yoga with talented yoga instructor, Kim Murphy.  Yoga is so good for your body.  It helps you with your balance, your breath, flexibility, mobility and that’s just the beginning.  Perhaps one of the best benefits of yoga is being able to use skills learned in class while off the mat in our everyday life.  The use of essential oils are blended into each yoga class.  Your body will enjoy the movement and your senses will love the aroma!  Sign up today for Aroma Yoga and truly experience the difference!

Stay in touch with your mind and with yourself this summer.  Meditation has been found to be beneficial for your brain and memory. It also helps to ease stress levels, breathe better and even helps us sleep better.  Every month we offer a Guided Aromatherapy Meditation with Nikki VanZandt.  Whether you have meditated before or not give it a try, it is one of our most popular classes.  Incorporating meditation into your life has so many positive effects.

We hope you have a great summer and look forward to seeing you all in the studio throughout the season!  Take care everyone!

June’s Essential Oil of the Month…The Chamomiles!

3 Jun

PAP_YBN-4-hi-res Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita (German chamomile) & Anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile)

Source: Flowers


German and Roman chamomile come from two different plants.  The properties of these essential oils are somewhat similar however their chemical make- up are very different.  Both German and Roman chamomile are somewhat similar in odor,  herbaceous and sweet.  German and Roman chamomile have been used medicinally since ancient times.  Roman chamomile was used up until World War II as a disinfectant and antiseptic in hospitals and surgeries.   The chamomiles are some of the gentlest essential oils.

Uses & Facts:


 After Sun Soother

4 drops German Chamomile essential oil

5 drops Lavender essential oil


1 drop Peppermint essential oil

Combine the essential oils with one ounce of Sweet Almond Oil.  Massage into skin for relief.

Breathe Better Diffuser Blend

4 drops German Chamomile essential oil

3 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Frankincense essential oil

Add essential oils to a tea light diffuser or nebulizer.

Stress Ease Diffuser Blend

4 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil

4 drops Orange essential oil

4 drops Lavender essential oil

Add essential oils to a tea light diffuser or nebulizer.




Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of June receive 10% off your German and Roman Chamomile Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at www.YourBodyNeeds.com for more information and recipes!

Essential Oils for Travel

21 May

MP900387604Memorial Day weekend is around the corner and before you know it, summer will be here.  The travel season is fast approaching   Before you pack your bags and head out the door make sure you have essential oils on hand for your travels.  Weather you are traveling by car, plane, train or boat  essential oils will come in handy for you and your family.

The Essential Oil Travel Kit

Pick and choose what you need from this list.  You may want to take them all or just a few, decide what works best for your needs.


Motion sickness


Blend one ounce of grapeseed oil with 7 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 drops of Roman chamomile essential oil.

Jet lag

  • Avoid wasting precious vacation time trying to get your sleep/wake schedule back on track.
  • Use essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus and grapefruit in the in morning.  Use these either by placing a drop of each oil on a tissue, in a morning bath or massage onto neck, chest and shoulders.  These oils will help to keep you awake and energized.
  • In the evening get sleep with lavender and Roman chamomile.  Use  this combination in the bath if you can.  You may also want to create a spritzer blend to spray in the room and on your linens too.
  • For best results keep using these essential oil combinations for the first 2-3 days while your body adjusts.

For energy, blend 2 drops of peppermint, 5 drops of grapefruit and 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oils into one ounce of grapeseed oil.

In the Hotel Room

  • Room sprays are a must, make it feel like a home away from home!
  • Use tea tree and lavender essential oil to disinfect surfaces.  It’s a good idea to spray this combination on the bed linens too.


Other Uses and Tips

  • Place a few drops of tea tree essential oil on a couple of cosmetic pads and place in your suitcase for freshness.
  • Be sure to pack tissues and or cosmetic pads, these make the best portable aromatherapy diffusers!
  • Small spray bottles with water come in handy for making room sprays, disinfectant sprays and aromatic spritzers for the face and skin.

Enjoy your travels wherever they may be. Your essential oils are essential,  don’t leave home without them!  Safe travels everyone.

Mother’s Day Special!!

7 May

information symbol

Receive a gift certificate for a 50 minute aroma massage AND a 4 ounce luxurious Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream from Your Body Needs…

Only for $109!


Offer expires Saturday May 11th.

Purchase online or stop by the studio!

Office Hours: Mon- Sat 10am-5pm

May’s Essential Oil of the Month…Clary Sage!

1 May

PAP_YBN-7-web Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea Source: flowering tops and leaves Overview:  The aroma of clary sage essential oil can be described as earthy and herbaceous.  Clary sage is an excellent essential oil for the nervous system, it truly does induce a calming effect and is useful during times of stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. While clary sage essential oil is known to be calming to the nervous system, other systems of the body benefit too.  Clary sage essential oil is helpful to the female reproductive system in all stages.  It can be used to help reduce menstrual cramps, when combined with geranium essential oil provides menopausal relief and it can also be used during childbirth (consult with your physician and an aromatherapist before using any essential during pregnancy or childbirth).  

  • Clary sage essential oil is also effective for those suffering from asthma; inhaling this essential oil can provide relief to spasms of the bronchial tubes and open up the lungs for better breathing.

It has also been said that clary sage essential oil helps to overcome creative blocks, diffuse while working on a paper, speech or anything else where you need your creativity to soar!
A word of caution, do not combine the use of clary sage essential oil with alcohol as this essential oil can induce a narcotic effect. Don’t miss out on stocking up on clary sage essential oil this month!  And be sure to book your massage and try our blend of the month, “Clarity” featuring essential oils of clary sage, lavender, lemon and juniper berry.



clarysage Creativity Blend Use this blend when you have to work on a project, write a paper or anything else where you need to tap into your creative potential!

Clary sage essential oil– 3 drops

Black Pepper essential oil– 5 drops

Grapefruit essential oil– 4 drops

Add essential oils to a tea light diffuser or nebulizer and create away.

So You Can Sleep Blend

Clary sage essential oil– 3 drops

Neroli essential oil– 5 drops

Roman Chamomile essential oil– 3 drops

Add essential oils to an electric diffuser (nebulizer) to use at bed time and during sleep.  Sweet dreams!

Menstrual Cramp Relief Blend

Clary Sage essential oil– 5 drops

Rosemary essential oil– 4 drops

Roman Chamomile essential oil– 5 drops

Add the above essential oils to 1 ounce of grapeseed carrier oil and massage over abdomen 2-3 times a day as needed for pain relief.  

Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of May receive 10% off your Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil purchase! As always, check out our website at www.YourBodyNeeds.com for more information and recipes!

Meditation Date Change!

29 Apr

information symbol

Please note, the date has changed for May’s Guided Aromatherapy Meditation!!

The meditation was originally scheduled for Wednesday May 15th and has been changed to Wednesday May 8th.  Please mark your calendars.

To register for our meditation class call the office at 443-292-4395, space is limited.

Got Allergies? Try Essential Oils for Relief.

22 Apr

These past few weeks we have seen a lot of clients at the studio suffering from seasonal allergies.  With that in mind we decided to pull this blog from our archives to help you out!  May you seek relief soon.

Using essential oils is a great way to help bring some relief to allergy suffering.  If you have been a sneezy, itchy, watery eye mess this season you are not alone.  Let’s take a look at which essential oils will help bring some relief and how to use them.

Itchy watery eyes soother

Use a compress.  Place a small amount of cool water in a bowl (about 1/4 cup) add to it 2 drops of Roman Chamomile (anti-inflammatory) and 3 drops of Lavender (anti-inflammatory).  Soak a washcloth in the water and wring out.  Place over eyes (5-10 minutes) for soothing relief.

Runny nose, sneezing relief

Use essential oils for decongesting: Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Rosemary.

Inhaling any one of these essential oils directly from the bottle can provide quick and easy relief.  You can also put a few drops of the oils on a tissue to take with you.

Hay Fever Diffuser Blend

Cedarwood: 5 drops

Eucalyptus: 3 drops

Peppermint: 2 drops

Rosemary: 3 drops

Place the above essential oils into a tea light diffuser or nebulizer.  Breathe in the aroma to find comfort and relief.  For best results diffuse for at least two-hour intervals.

*Use this blend in an electric diffuser at bedtime.  Omit the Peppermint essential oil (too stimulating for sleep) and add a total of 7 drops of Cedarwood essential oil in its place.

Steam inhalations are a great way to clear up nasal passages if you are congested or experiencing sinus congestion and pain .  A great blend is 1 drop of Peppermint and 2 drops of Eucalyptus in a bowl then add to it about a cup of boiling water.  Breathe in the steam; keep eyes closed when doing this as Peppermint can irritate the eyes.

Asthma and lung congestion

Cedarwood, Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary and Sandalwood.  These oils help to open and soothe the lungs and expand breathing.

Breathing Expansion Diffuser Blend:

Frankincense: 4 drops

Cedarwood: 3 drops

Sandalwood: 4 drops

Rosemary: 2 drops

Place the above essential oils into a tea light diffuser or nebulizer.  Breathe in the aroma to find comfort and relief.  For best results diffuse at two-hour intervals.

*Use at bedtime with and electric diffuser for relief while you sleep.

Stay Healthy Tips

In addition to using essential oils make sure you are drinking water to keep your body hydrated.  Also ensure you are getting adequate amounts of sleep.  Allergies can take a toll on our immune systems so rest is important.  Because our immune system is working hard Thyme is another essential oil to keep handy as it provides support to our immune system.

Try using a tea light diffuser  or electric diffuser in your bathroom during your morning shower routine using one of the above blends or with Thyme essential oil.  The steam of the shower and the diffusion of the essential oils help to clear nasal passages and open your lungs.  Be sure to place the tea light diffuser in a safe place so nothing comes in contact with the candle flame.

Here’s to finding some allergy relief this season!  Take care everyone.

…And one last quick tip…place one to two drops of Eucalyptus essential oil on your shower floor right in front of where you are standing.  The aroma will envelope you and open your respiratory system!

YBN News Flash!

11 Apr

information symbolDISCOUNTED MASSAGES

Here’s the scoop:

Don’t miss out on our aroma massage package series, this offer only comes around a couple of times in the year.  For a limited time you can purchase your massage series and keep up with those regular sessions.  Remember, massage is good for you!

Buy five or more (50 minute with aroma) $100 massages for $90 each.


Buy five or more (75 minute with aroma) $125 massages for $115 each.

When to purchase: 

Begins Wednesday April 10th – ends Thursday April 18th at 5 pm.

Ways to purchase:

1.  Come into the studio during office hours Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm.

2.  On line at YourBodyNeeds.com

3.  Call (443-292-4395) during office hours to order over the phone.

1) Must be purchased during the offered dates.
2) No refunds or exchanges.
3) You will receive one card per package – not multiples


Aroma Yoga- Enhance Your Experience, our latest class, was introduced early this spring.  Each week features a different theme where the poses and essential oil blends work hand in hand with the other.  This yoga class truly does enhance your experience and is for all levels; come see for yourself.  Classes are held every Monday at 5:30 pm with talented yoga instructor Kim Murphy.

 Classes include:

“Breathe Deep”, “Happiness in a Pose”, “Still the Mind”, “Stretch, Flow, Focus”, “From Energy to Ahh…” and “Wring it Out”.

If you haven’t attended yet what are you waiting for?

Please call the office to register for Aroma Yoga at 443-292-4395  (space is limited).


Cost: $28 each OR $150 for a package of six classes

*Please bring your own yoga mat to class.

April’s Essential Oil of the Month…Geranium!

2 Apr

PAP_YBN-11-webBotanical Name
: Pelagonium graveolens

Source: leaves and stems


Geranium essential oil has an up-lifting  fresh and floral aroma; welcome spring with this lovely essential oil!  Geraniums are a popular plant, that come in a variety of colors; in fact, there are over 250 different species of this plant.  Geraniums originated in South Africa and were introduced in Europe during the 17th century.  An interesting fact about geranium plants is their beautiful aroma comes from the leaves not the flower!

Geranium essential oil is extremely balancing to the body this includes hormones, skin and the nervous system.  Because geranium essential oil is a hormone balancer it is useful for relief of PMS and menopause.  In skin care, geranium is an excellent choice as it balances sebum (oil) production therefore  helpful for those with dry skin, oily skin or combination skin types.  On an emotional level geranium essential oil is both calming and uplifting.  Geranium essential oil can be used in massage, bath, a compress, skin care, diffused or through direct inhalation.

Don’t forget to book your massage  this month and try geranium essential oil in our blend of the month, “April Blossoms“.  This month we bring you a delightful happy blend of Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine essential oils.

Uses & Facts:


Spring Clean Window Cleaner

8 ounces distilled water

8 ounces white distilled vinegar


20 drops geranium essential oil

16 ounce spray bottle

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle.  Shake before each use.

Use this to clean windows, mirrors and other surfaces that are dusty and grimy.

Happy Spring Cleaning!  Learn more about how to clean your home with essential oils and other products in the Clean Your Home Naturally workshop.

Cleansing Spring Bath Salt Blend

1 cup sea salt

1/4 cup baking soda

1/2 cup rose petals (available for purchase in our studio!)

10 drops orange essential oil

5 drops geranium essential oil

Combine sea salt, baking soda and rose petals in a bowl, stir well.  Gradually add the essential oils being sure to stir well after every few drops.

Store your bath salt in a sealed jar.  Use in bath by either adding a few generous scoops to your water or place the amount you are using in a muslin bag so the petals do not clog your drain.  Soak and enjoy!

Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of March receive 10% off your Geranium Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at www.YourBodyNeeds.com for more information and recipes!


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