toxic products

24 Feb

A client e-mailed an article highlighting the top ten toxic products we should not use. He thought of  me because many of the products on the list are ones I often talk about such as dry cleaning sheets, perfume , cologne and air fresheners!  Here is an excerpt – this independant article  recommends using essential oils to naturally freshen your air – now how about that….

Air fresheners: Most air fresheners mask odors with a synthetic fragrance or numb your sense of smell with chemical anesthetics. But, they do nothing to eliminate the source of the odor. Also, aerosol air fresheners spew out tiny droplets of chemicals that are easily inhaled into the lungs. Instead, ventilate well and choose natural deodorizers, such as zeolite or baking soda, which contain minerals that absorb odors. How to Freshen Indoor Air Naturally includes recipes for other homemade remedies. Plants are also helpful for purifying your indoor air.


One Response to “toxic products”

  1. William March 1, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    That just goes to show that appealing smells aren’t always good! We need to look beyond the first impression and understand the specifics of what we bring into our homes and our environment. There are healthy alternatives to the chemicals we have become used to purchasing.

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