Love your salads more!

7 Nov
Instead of That… Do This!Instead of pre-bottled dressing for your salad, try using a simple mixture of olive oil and vinegar!

All my life, I have been using only olive oil and vinegar to dress my salads.  Because of my Italian background, it would never occur to me to purchase a bottle of salad dressing – Italians live on pure olive oil and vinegar dressing.  It is no wonder that studies consistently show the Mediterranean countries are the healthiest in the world.  There are many reasons why this simple dressing is so beneficial.  Substituting olive oil, a monounsaturated fat, for saturated fats or polyunsaturated fats can:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Inhibit the growth of some cancers
  • Benefit people at risk for or with diabetes
  • Lessen the severity of asthma and arthritis
  • Actually help your body maintain a lower weight

Olive oil is extremely healthy for you and though the cost may be higher there is no comparison in terms of the nutrition and the versality of it.  Vinegar is also known to help regulate blood sugar and benefit the digestive system, improving the absorbtion and utilization of several essential nutrients.

Why not pre-made dressings?
They AREN’T cheap, they ARE high in calories and usually fat (which clogs up your arteries), and all the bottles will clog up your fridge too.

Why simple olive oil and balsamic(or other)vinegar?
Extremely healthy.  The nutritutional benefits of the olive oil are many.  Olive oil is versatile in the kitchen – you can use it to cook with as well.  Balsamic vinegar is also very good for you and practically born to dress salad.  It tastes wonderful.  Red wine, white, cider or any other vinegar can also be used.  One bottle will last a long time because you don’t need to use very much.

It is important not to confuse pure olive oil with regular vegetable oil.  Pure olive oils should have a deep green/yellow color and a rich, thick consistency.  Next time you’re eating out, ask for pure olive oil and vinegar.   Chances are they have some.

To use on your next salad, simply drizzle the olive oil then the vinegar over the salad lightly and toss.





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