Flexibility and Posture

15 Nov

Don't Sit For Too Long

Someone asked me today why our muscles get tight when we do a lot of sitting – for instance at a desk, in a car of watching television. Being in the same position for a long period of time can causes muscles to over contract from repetitive movements. This causes further tightness resulting in all sorts of issues. For example, when our knees are bent our hamstrings are shortened. If we remain in this position too long, there is a tendency for the hamstrings to get used to the position and  remain shortened.  So if we have tightened hamstrings other motions become a little less agile. We begin to compensate in other areas of our bodies with simple movements such as bending down which could lead to an overworked and irritated low back.

It is always good to move from a seated position you have been in for a while.


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