Clean Your Home Naturally!

21 Oct

Are you tired of cleaning your home with chemicals and breathing in harsh fumes? Do you want to learn some ways to cut chemicals out of your home? Well guess what?  You can ditch the harsh chemicals because you don’t need them! In this workshop you will learn that essential oils are loaded with antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and how to use them in making your own cleaning products for your home.  At YBN we know that you can’t avoid all toxins however given the opportunity you can control them.

This workshop will provide you with insight to do just that. Sign up today and learn how you can reduce indoor air pollution in your home and make it an even safer environment!

Starting in November, Clean Your Home Naturally will be held on the following schedule:

  • Tuesday November 1st at 11:30am
  • Thursday November 10th at 7pm
  • Tuesday November 15th at 7pm

In this workshop we will be making an all-purpose spray cleaner, a carpet freshener and a deodorizing room spray. You get to take the products you make home with you so you can get started right away! Also included are additional cleaning recipes and tips to keep you going! So make cleaning fun again and better yet, make cleaning smell good! Ahh! Hope to see you there!

*In addition to Clean Your Home Naturally we have other new workshops in November too!  Gift Making for the Holidays & Love the Skin You’re In!  As always we have an Intro to Aroma workshop too!  Be sure to check these out, the full schedule can be viewed on the website.  We hope to see you there.  Our workshops are fun and informative plus you receive a discount on any purchases made at the workshop!


2 Responses to “Clean Your Home Naturally!”


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