A Few of Our Favorite Things…

21 Nov

The holiday season is fast approaching which seemed like the perfect time to share the staff’s favorite products at Your Body Needs…     By purchasing our products you are getting something that has been made with the finest ingredients and our signature items are blended right in our studio.  Additionally you are supporting a local business!  It is our hope that this information inspires you to visit our retail store to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones….and maybe a little something for yourself while you are at it!

Here’s some of our favorite things…

~Rose– Although she feels partial to all the products; her favorite every day product is the Classic Blend Body Oil.  She loves the way it makes her skin look and feel. Because Rose uses this product everyday her skin is healthy, nourished and looks great!  She believes The Classic Blend Body Oil is the perfect pairing of carrier oils with essential oils; this blend consists of almond and jojoba oils blended with the pure essential oil of lavender.

~Chris– Right now his favorite product is the sweet almond oil and his skin is glowing.  He has really noticed an improvement in the texture of his skin; it is softer than ever!  He says that he does not remember a time when his skin has felt and looked better!  Sweet almond oil is full of vitamins and minerals and is beneficial for all skin types.

~Janet D– Her favorite product is the Muscle Therapy Cream because it has two of her favorite essential oils in it, rosemary and peppermint. She also loves the way it helps her muscles and joints and uses it regularly between massage sessions. She also has been using the rosemary essential oil in her shampoo for an “eye opening” experience to wake her up in the morning shower! What a great idea!

~Nikki– Her favorite product is the Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream.  She started using this last winter when her hands were very dry. It really helps to heal and nourish her skin, it is her all time standby for her hands.  The blend of the lavender and roman chamomile is very soothing for dry and cracked skin.  It truly is a must have, especially through the winter months.

~Janet C– Her favorite products are the sweet almond oil blended with geranium and orange essential oils. She uses this everyday to ensure her skin is getting the best treatment and she loves the way it smells too! With it being this time of year and the holidays are upon us, she is also enjoying our Nice Spice candles! These are a seasonal item of Your Body Needs… stock up now!

~Beverly– She also enjoys the Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream.  She has been using it for some time now and it has really helped her cracked heels. Another benefit of this cream is that it smells wonderful, it is fast absorbing and a little goes a long way. She also loves the aroma so much that sometimes she opens it up just to smell it! Close behind the Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream is the Classic Body Blend Body Oil….sometimes picking one product is difficult!

~Corey– His favorite product is cedarwood essential oil. He enjoys using it in a tea light diffuser as it helps him relax and calm down. Cory has found this essential oil beneficial at night as it helps him obtain a restful sleep.

The staff is very passionate about our products and they should be!  Our products are made with care and quality ingredients.  We have a variety of lovely gift packages put together to make your holiday shopping a bit easier. 

Here’s what you can find in the studio this holiday season:

  • Happy Feet– includes your choice of either a 4oz Lovely candle or a 4oz Total Calm candle, Your Body Needs…  Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream, and a pumice stone.
  • Body Beautiful– includes Your Body Needs… Classic Blend Body Oil, a luxurious waffle weave wash cloth, Honey and Oats goatsmilk soap and a soap dish.
  • Massage Me Gift Package– complete with Your Body Needs… Muscle Therapy Cream, a wooden massage roller and an herb mint pillow.
  • A Little Something– includes a face brush, waffle weave wash cloth, pure lavender soap and a soap dish.
  • Nebulizer kits “Berry Christmas”  comes with essential oils of juniper berry, peppermint and cedarwood and “Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice” comes with essential oils of cinnamon, clove and orange.
  • Breathe Deep Yoga Kit– the perfect gift for the Yogi in your life; contains essential oils of frankincense, clary sage and peppermint.  Also comes with a diffuser recipe to complete a yoga workout.
  • Travel Box gift sets– One kit contains geranium and orange while the other kit contains lavender and tea tree. These are perfect for the person who is always on the go! 

We hope you can find some of your favorite things right here at Your Body Needs…  We wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you soon!


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