15 Things You May Not Know About Massage

21 Jan

Massage: the kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands to relieve tension or pain. This is one of the many definitions of massage.

We know that massage feels good but did you know that it is good for you and should be done regularly as part of healthy lifestyle?  Unfortunately the idea still exists that massage is a “treat” and is something for special occasions only.  In fact when massage is received on a regular basis all aspects of your body perform at more optimal levels.  There’s a reason why we feel good after a massage session, and also a reason why it should be adapted as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Generally maintenance massage is recommended once a month.  However, if you have muscle tissues that are really restricted or other specific work needed your massage therapist can discuss this with you to determine what frequency is right for you.  Massage is good for you, read on to see some other benefits that you may not know massage provides.

1. Drink water!  Water is beneficial for the entire body, and pre massage hydration is very important.  By keeping your body hydrated your muscle tissue will move better during a massage.

2.  That “tightness” we often feel in our muscles is from our daily postural habits which causes the muscles to shorten neurologically.  Massage helps to reset the muscle length.

3.  Massage can help lower blood pressure.

4.  Regular massage therapy can improve performance in exercise and sports as less tissue is restricted.

5.  Massage improves blood flow to tissues and enhances recovery via nutrient rich blood.

6.  Massage can help to decrease long-term chronic pain over time.

7.  Massage can assist in improving posture.

8.  Massage therapy can decrease dependency on N.S.A.I.D.( non- steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs, e.g. Advil).

9. Tight hamstrings contribute to low back pain, which massage can relieve through lengthening.

10. May help with nerve impingement like carpal tunnel.

11. May help relieve rotator cuff impingement.

12. May help relieve sciatica.

13.  Regular massage helps to strengthen the immune system.

14.  Massage helps to relieve anxiety and depression through the release of endorphins (those “feel good” chemicals in our brains).  In fact, clients who receive massage regularly have reported they feel happier and are better able to deal with stress.

15. Helps relive headaches and migraines.

If scheduling a massage is on your “to-do” list, call today and make that appointment happen!  You can also call us any time if you have any additional questions.  At Your Body Needs… we are here for you!  You can contact us at 443-292-4395.


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