February’s Essential Oil of the Month: Jasmine

31 Jan

Botanical Name: Jasminum grandiflorum

Source: Flowers


February is a great month to introduce Jasmine essential oil into your life.  Jasmine is a very aromatic and exotic essential oil; the scent will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted.  And just possibly the aroma will take you away to a beautiful warm exotic place in your mind which is a nice “getaway”  in the middle of winter!  The aroma of Jasmine is rather strong but it is sweet and comforting.  Jasmine essential oil is very calming to the nervous system, is an antidepressant and is also great for use on dry or irritated skin.

Jasmine essential oil tends to be a pricier essential oil however that is due to how it has to be harvested. Jasmine essential oil at Your Body Needs… is in jojoba to help minimize the cost of this beautiful oil.  The harvesting of Jasmine is a very fragile process; the blossoms have to be handpicked as they are too delicate to be picked by machine.  And to add to the complexity of the harvesting they have to be picked at just the right time of day (around early morning) once the buds have opened so they have as much fragrance as possible.  The flowers are ready for harvesting only during two months out of the year.  It takes approximately 8,000 handpicked blossoms to produce one gram (about one ml) of jasmine essential oil! Enjoy Jasmine this month and be sure to try out the Bath Tub Soaking recipe below; it will leave you feeling calm and relaxed and the combination of the essential oils will make you feel special and loved.

Uses & Facts:


Bath Tub Soaking Blend

*Add the essential oils just before you get into the bath water.

2 drops Jasmine essential oil

3 drops Rose essential oil

5 drops Neroli essential oil

Come on in and shop our studio or on-line!  For the month of February receive 10% off your Jasmine Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at www.YourBodyNeeds.com for more information and recipes


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