March Essential Oil of the Month…Mandarin!

29 Feb

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Source: Rind of fruit


Celebrate the coming of spring this March with the cheerful aroma of Mandarin!

Mandarin essential oil is bright and cheery which makes it the perfect oil to diffuse in the home to lift the mood and “shake the dust off” so to speak!  Get ready for spring with mandarin essential oil and use it in your home cleaning blends for those spring cleaning projects!  Pretty days are ahead once again as we start to leave winter behind!  Mandarin is a lovely essential oil that sings of happiness!

Mandarin is a great essential oil to use around children too.  Mandarin helps to calm restlessness in children and has even been shown to be effective quelling temper tantrums.  In children and adults alike, mandarin has been shown to be effective in calming the mood of the anxious individual.  How can one be upset with the bright and happy aroma that mandarin essential oil has to offer?  Allow your inner child to explore mandarin essential oil this month and enjoy the mood boosting effects!

Uses & Facts:


Soothing Nighttime Spritzer Blend:

16 drops Mandarin essential oil

13 drops Sandalwood essential oil

16 drops Lavender essential oil

Add essential oil drops to a 4 oz spritzer bottle (available for purchase in YBN’s studio), add distilled water to the bottle leaving enough room to mix the blend.  Shake before each use.  Spray on bed linens and in room before bedtime and let the aroma soothe you to sleep!  Also a great blend to use for children to use as a “bad dreams away” spray.

Spring Cleaning Countertop Spray:

24 drops Mandarin essential oil

7 drops Rosemary essential oil

14 drops Lemon essential oil

Add essential oils to a 4 oz spritzer bottle (available for purchase in YBN’s studio), add 2 oz distilled water and 2 oz distilled white vinegar.  Shake before each use.  Spray on countertops and wipe off to clean!  This cleaner is also great for use in the bathroom too!  Happy spring cleaning!

Come on in and shop our studio or on-line!  For the month of March receive 10% off your Mandarin Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes


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