May Essential Oil of the Month…Rose!

1 May

Botanical Name: Rose otto, Rose damascena

Source: Petals


Take time to smell the roses this month with rose essential oilRoses are known as “the queen of flowers”, and perhaps the most popular flower; rightly so as there are over 100 species.  This flower has been used throughout history as perfume and medicine.  Roses have been used as barter and payments and they certainly are a favorite for many in the garden.  Roses are a popular symbol for love and friendship.  When we look at the essential oil of the rose we learn there is something more this diverse flower has to offer.  Rose essential oil has an affinity with the heart which makes it an essential oil to use during times of emotional crisis and stressful situations as it has a soothing quality.  Rose essential oil has also been used extensively in skin care as it is excellent for all skin types however it is especially useful for dry, sensitive and mature skin.  Additionally rose essential oil also helps relieve bouts of depression and is beneficial for calming nervousness.

It takes a lot of rose petals to produce essential oil.  In fact it takes approximately 60,000 roses to produce 1 ounce of essential oil or ten thousand pounds of rose blossoms produce one pound of rose essential oil!  Because of the volume needed to produce rose essential oil this makes it one of the more costly oils.  At Your Body Needs… our rose essential oil is in jojoba to help minimize your cost of this wonderful oil.

Uses & Facts:

  • Rose essential oil is excellent for use in skin care.
  • Rose essential oil makes a nice natural perfume.
  • The word rosa comes from the Greek roden meaning red.
  • First known distillery of roses was in 1612 in Shiraz.
  • Rose hips come from some species of rose plants and are used to produce rosehip oil which you can purchase at Your Body Needs.
  • Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty.


Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

1/4 cup white sugar

1/4 cup raw sugar

2 oz almond oil

Rose essential oil, 3 drops

Geranium essential oil, 2 drops

Sandalwood essential oil, 5 drops


Mix both sugars together in a bowl then add almond oil.  Stir to combine.  Add essential oils stirring between each addition.  Mix all ingredients well.  Spoon mixture into a sealed container and use as a weekly exfoliating scrub in your shower!

May Flowers Diffuser Blend (a blend to uplift and calm)

Rose Essential oil 6 drops

Lavender Essential oil 4 drops

Geranium Essential oil 2 drops

Place the above essential oils in a tea light diffuser or nebulizer and enjoy the aroma!

Come on in and shop our studio or on-line!  For the month of May receive 10% off your Rose Pure Essential Oil purchase! 

As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes


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