About Your Body Needs…

Your Body Needs…Massage and Aromatherapy is located in Annapolis Maryland. We have an online store for our products and a shop for both products and services.  We tailor your massage  to what your body needs and we hand-blend your massage oils with all-natural ingredients because we care about what goes on your skin as much as we do about the muscles under it.

Your Body Needs offers pure essential oils, aromatherapy products and wellness classes to enhance your life.

Your Body Needs products are based on the fundamental principles of aromatherapy – the use of pure essential oils to achieve a therapeutic purpose with appropriate carriers as bases. Each product is made with purpose and aims to achieve a goal, whether it be to promote healthier skin or general well-being.

Meet the Authors!

Rose Chard- Operating Owner, Aromatherapy Specialist, Licensed Massage Therapist
Rose Chard is the founder and owner of Your Body Needs…  Rose is a State Licensed Massage Therapist and a Registered Aromatherapist. She is the Board Secretary for the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy as well as a Regional Director for the organization. She is a leader in aromatherapy education in the Maryland area. She teaches the principles of aromatherapy at various locations, and is a staff member at Anne Arundel Community College teaching aromatherapy to other health care professionals.

Rose has incorporated essential oils in her personal life for more than 25 years. Her company has its own growing line of quality aromatherapy products and pure essential oils. Rose personally sources Your Body Needs…essential oils. Your Body Needs… helps people discover the everyday benefits of aromatherapy and also offers popular aromatherapy workshops.


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