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Benefits and Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil

5 Aug

The essential oil of Frankincense is quite popular in our modern era. And, with good reason. Frankincense has been valued since ancient times for its medicinal, aromatic, cosmetic and spiritual applications. Today, we know that this essential oils is naturally beneficial for:

  1. Better respiration
  2. Anti-Inflammatory properties
  3. Helping to relieve stress and anxiety
  4. Helping to support the immune system
  5. Skin care

Below I have shared a couple of recipes that have been popular with attendees to my sessions on the Benefits and Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil. Our next class is scheduled for August 12th at our Annapolis location starting at 5:30pm. These classes are free. Your Body Needs…Frankincense is sold undiluted in 5ml or 10ml, it is organic and from a sustainable source. You will love the quality of our Frankincense.

Stop the Noise Blend.

To help slow down and deepen breath.

  1. Bath: Add 3 drops frankincense, 2 drops clarysage and 2 drops lavender essential oils. Take deep breaths as you inhale the aroma.
  2. In a diffuser: Add 4 drops frankincense, 3 drops clarysage and 4 lavender OR 4 drops frankincense, 2 drops rose, 2 drops ylang ylang and 3 drops orange essential oils.

Anti-Inflammatory or Joint Conditions.

  1. In 15ml of cold pressed carrier oil (almond, grapeseed, safflower) add 5 drops of frankincense, 7 drops of lavender and 2 drops of thyme essential oils. Apply as needed.

Spotlight on Couples Massage…

5 Feb

February is here, the month of love!100_1419  Make this Valentine’s day special (and calorie free!) with a couples massage!  Massage is very therapeutic and so is spending quality time together.

Your Body Needs… stands out when it comes to massage and couples massage is no different.  We really take the time to listen to what each of you want to achieve from your session.  If one partner is seeking a massage to de-stress while the other wants deep tissue focus, no problem!  If one partner wishes to receive aromatherapy and the other does not or if the other partner wants a different aromatherapy blend, again, no problem.  Whether it’s your first time here or your five hundredth time, be assured that the two of you will experience a wonderful massage made for two but with your individual needs in mind!

We Care…

At Your Body Needs… we care about our clients; we not only care about taking care of your muscles but we also care about your skin!  We know that everything that is applied to your skin has an effect on your body, this is why we only use all natural ingredients.  We use cold pressed grapeseed oil in all of our massage sessions.  Grapeseed oil provides nutrients to your skin, does not contain parabens, mineral oil and there are no synthetics.  This goes not only for our massage blends (scroll to bottom of page for a list of blends), but for all of our products.

Be Their Valentine…

If you need a quick gift, you can’t go wrong with a massage gift certificate!  Gift certificates can be purchased on-line or in our studio.  We also have an array of gift packages available for purchase in our studio and plenty of other products to choose from in store or on-line!

Wishing everyone a month filled with love, happiness and massages !  Call our studio (443-292-4395) or send us an email to set up your couples massage today!

Baby it’s Cold Outside- Winter Skin CareTips

21 Jan


Your skin, the largest organ of your body, protects you, absorbs nutrients, provides insulation and so much more.  With exposure to drier air and colder temperatures skin loses oil and water it needs to stay healthy and supple and becomes dry, irritated, cracked or itchy.  Here are some tips to help your skin as the journey through winter continues.

In the Bath:

  • Avoid long hot showers.  As tempting as it may be to take a hot shower or bath to warm up, use lukewarm water only.  Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils.  The hotter the water and the longer the shower the more oil your skin loses.
  • Dry skin brushing.  Do this once a week to help stimulate your skin’s natural oils.  Use small swift circular motions towards the heart.  Dry brush skin right before your shower or bath.
  • Use natural soaps that are gentle to your skin such as Your Body Needs… Goats Milk Soap, Lavender Soap and Peppermint Eucalyptus Soap.  Avoid commercial soaps, these tend to be drying to the skin, and are loaded with synthetic fillers and fragrances.  You can even make your own body washes using unscented castile soap, essential oils and sweet almond oil!
  • Exfoliate in the shower once a week.  Create your own sea salt and sugar scrubs using sweet almond oil and essential oils.  These scrubs rid the skin of dead cells and add lipids back into the epidermis.
  • Always, always, always apply body oil after a shower or bath.  You can create your own blends, or if that is a daunting task, use Your Body NeedsClassic Blend Body Oil.  Apply body oil when skin is still slightly damp, this way your skin will be both hydrated and moisturized.  

Give Your Hands a Hand:

Our hands are exposed to everything!  Give them the extra care they need.

  • Hand washing and detergents are drying to your skin.  This doesn’t mean you have to stop washing your hands!  Remember to apply moisturizer to them frequently such as Your Body Needs Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream.  This cream is truly a winter- time staple!  Never leave home without it!
  • Keep your hands protected from the elements by wearing gloves or mittens.
  •  Avoid hand sanitizing products that contain alcohol.  Alcohol is extremely drying to the skin.  Can’t live without your hand sanitizer?  Make your own using essential oils such as Tea Tree, Thyme and Lavender mixed with distilled water and aloe vera gel.  Place ingredients in a 2 ounce spritzer bottle and take it with you!
  • Wear gloves when washing dishes.  This will protect your hands from being over-exposed to hot water and detergents.

In the Laundry:

  • Check your detergent.  Do not use anything that contains synthetic fragrances.  Instead, use varieties that are free of perfumes and dyes.
  • Avoid scented dryer sheets. If you do use dryer sheets, again, make sure they are free from fragrances.
  • If you miss that fresh laundry scent add a damp cloth with a few drops of Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil and pop it in the dryer along with your clothes!

Other Ways to Help Your Skin:

  • Don’t forget your feet; they get dry too!  Be sure to use a pumice stone on callused areas and apply Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream to them before going to bed.  You will have smooth feet in the morning!
  • Using heat in the home is unavoidable however that adds to the drying of your skin.  Use a humidifier to replace lost moisture in the air.  Not only will your skin benefit, your sinuses will too!
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Water helps all systems of your body, skin included!

Protect and take care of your skin.  Nourish it by using natural products; your skin absorbs everything you put on it into your body.  Your skin is the only organ of the body that is directly exposed to it all! Nourish it, protect it and it will protect you!  Stay warm and mosturized everyone!

Want to learn more about taking care of your skin?  Attend our workshop, “Love the Skin You’re In” on Tuesday February 19th at 6:30 PM. You will learn how to use essential oils in skin care and create a body oil and an exfoliating salt scrub.  Call the office or stop by the studio to register.

January’s Essential Oil of the Month…Palmarosa!

2 Jan

PAP_YBN-22-hi-resBotanical Name: Cymbopogon martini

Source: fresh or dried grass


Palmarosa essential oil is light, refreshing and sweet in aroma which helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and restlessness.  The therapeutic properties of palmarosa essential oil include antiseptic, bactericide, hydrating, digestive (aids in the digestion of food), and a tonic (helps to strengthen and improve bodily performance).

Perhaps the best use of Palmarosa essential oil is in skin care.  All skin types benefit from this essential oil.  Palmarosa essential oil is hydrating, good for those with sensitive skin, stimulates the regeneration of skin cells (excellent for use on scars) and balances sebum the natural oil in our skin.  Winter is a time when our skin is especially dry; add palmarosa essential oil to your skin care regime, your skin will thank you!

Uses & Facts:


Renew You Bath Blend

Palmarosa essential oil– 4 drops

Geranium essential oil– 2 drops

Grapefruit essential oil– 3 drops

Add the essential oils to bath water just before getting in.  This blend will hydrate your skin and leave you feeling balanced and renewed!

Fresh Start Body Wash

Palmarosa essential oil– 8 drops

Lemon essential oil– 6 drops

Rosemary essential oil– 4 drops

Grapefruit essential oil– 6 drops

1. Add the essential oils to a 4 ounce bottle.

2. To the bottle add 15 mls (one tablespoon) sweet almond oil.

3. Fill bottle with unscented castile soap.

4. Shake to combine.

In your shower or bath add a small amount to a cloth (such as our waffle weave washcloths) and lather up, energize your mind and body and hydrate your skin! Be sure to follow with Classic Blend Body Oil to moisturize your skin once you get out of the shower.


Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of January receive 10% off your Palmarosa Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes!

Gifts of Comfort & Joy

17 Dec

If you are still looking for the perfect gift or for a little something Your Body Needs… has what you need to fill those stockings with cheer!  We have an array of beautiful gift packages that have been created and assembled here at the studio. We are pleased to bring you bath fizzies and fizzy bath salts this year as well as beautiful dried flower buds of lavender, rose and chamomile. Everything smells so good and looks amazing. Come on in and find something for everyone on your list and give beautiful gifts that will bring comfort and joy to all!

Stocking Stuffers

We have a selection of products perfect for little gifts or for stuffing those stockings!


Little Somethings:  Packaged with a waffle weave face cloth, natural wooden soap dish, face brush and lavender soap.  These are a favorite every year!


Bath Fizzies: Come in a variety of shapes from stars, snowmen, angels, doves and more.  These are fun and whimsical and make the perfect gift for anyone.  They smell great and leave your skin feeling soft and nourished after taking a bath!

There are two varieties to choose from “All is Calm” featuring  a blend of Lavender, Orange and Clary Sage and “Peace on Earth” is a blend of Patchouli, Frankincense and Clove Bud.

We also have Bath Salt Fizzies too!


The Gift Packages…

Body Beautiful Gift Package

Body Beautiful Gift Package

Body Beautiful is packed with everything for your skin.  Classic Blend Body Oil, Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream, Bath Fizzie Ball (made with essential oils of rose, ginger and mandarin) and finished off with beautiful chamomile buds.  This is such a delightful gift to give!

Visions of Sugar Plums

Visions of Sugar Plums

Visions of Sugar Plums is the ultimate gift for de-stressing.  This wonderful package contains beautiful loose chamomile flowers, a nebulizer, essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin and Roman Chamomile and an herbal eye pillow.  Perfect for getting that great night sleep; you  will have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head in no time!

A Rosy Holiday (center)

A Rosy Holiday is a beautiful gift to give.  The dried rose petals smell amazing and catch the eye.  This package contains Classic Blend Body Oil, a facial brush and a heart-shaped bath fizzie made with essential oils of Rose, Ginger and Mandarin.

Staff Picks…

Rose and Janet C:

Visions of Sugar Plums.  What Rose says,  “This would be an awesome give to receive even if the person doesn’t know anything about aromatherapy.  It is packaged beautifully, anyone would be happy to get this as a gift!”

What Janet C says, “I like that the nebulizers are easy to use and clean.  Also, it is nice to be able to mix oils and create blends to diffuse around the house, especially during the holidays.  I would love to receive this package!”

Chris & Janet D:

The Blending Package.  What Chris says, “I like the base of almond carrier oil, it does wonders for my skin.  I like the that the package has everything in it to make blends and I really like the combination of of Ginger, Rose and Mandarin essential oils .”

What Janet D says, “These have everything in them you need to blend.  They make a great introduction for those starting out on the path of blending.  Everything is kept tidy in the zip bags.  The zip bags makes them very portable, take them with you when you travel!”


Body Beautiful.  “I would love to receive this package.  It has the necessities for skin care especially during the winter months.  Classic Blend Body Oil, Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream (I never leave home without it) plus a bath fizzie!  The chamomile buds make the package extra special.  I would use the buds for tea and along with the fizzie to soak in the bath.  This package is beautiful!”


Home for the Holidays.  “I enjoy using my tealight diffuser so I picked this package.  It comes with essential oils of Ginger, Cinnamon and Orange which smell good together.”

Corey is also a fan of our Muscle Therapy Cream.  The blend of six essential oils (Peppermint, Rosemary, Ginger, Black Pepper, Clove Bud and Thyme) really helps to take the ache out of overworked muscles.  Muscle Therapy Cream makes a great stocking stuffer!

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

If you still don’t know what to give massage gift certificates always make the perfect gift!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  See you in the new year with the essential oil of the month!

Take care and be merry!

Don’t Miss Out: Summer Specialty Classes!

25 Jun

Summer is here and we have fun workshops in store for the season!  Be sure to register soon; these workshops are being offered just a couple of times this summer and you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

The specialty workshops at Your Body Needs:

  • Food On Your Face!- In this fun class you will make a facial cleanser and face mask using food!  Once you make it you get to apply to your face.  There will be hot compresses to put on your face after each treatment.  These recipes and treatments leave your skin feeling like you just had a facial.  There will be a demonstration of a face toner that you will get to use and then take a sample home.  Refreshments and a fruit and cheese platter will be provided.  Round up your friends for an evening of fun!  Make your reservations for this class today!

Dates: Thursday July 12 6:30 PM & Tuesday September 25 6:30 PM

Cost: $70

  • Essential Oils for Outdoor Days– In this workshop you will find out the essentials for summer!  You will have fun creating an after sun nourishing spray, an outdoor cooling mist and a bug repellent.  Come and find out which essential oils are essential for summer!  You will also receive a recipe for beach look “hair spray”, find out how to keep that beach look after your vacation is over!  Don’t miss out!  This fun workshop is a must for the outdoor days of summer!

Dates: Wednesday June 27 6:30 PM & Thursday July 19 6:30 PM

Cost: $70

  • Neat Summer Hand & Feet– Have fun using food on your skin in order to nourish it!  We will make a wonderful scrub for both hands and feet.  Following the scrub will be hot compress to feet for a real treat!  We will also make cuticle cream using food!  Everything you make you will use that night (don’t worry, you can take any leftovers home)!  There will be a demonstration of how to make a body butter which you get to use and take a sample home.  Don’t miss out on an evening of fun!  There will be refreshments and a fruit and cheese platter provided.

Dates: Monday July 2 6:30PM & Monday August 6 6:30 PM

Cost: $70

Call the office (443-292-4395) to register for any of the workshops today!  Your space in the workshop is reserved only once you register and pay for the class.  Don’t miss out on the summer fun!

A Few of Our Favorite Things…

21 Nov

The holiday season is fast approaching which seemed like the perfect time to share the staff’s favorite products at Your Body Needs…     By purchasing our products you are getting something that has been made with the finest ingredients and our signature items are blended right in our studio.  Additionally you are supporting a local business!  It is our hope that this information inspires you to visit our retail store to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones….and maybe a little something for yourself while you are at it!

Here’s some of our favorite things…

~Rose– Although she feels partial to all the products; her favorite every day product is the Classic Blend Body Oil.  She loves the way it makes her skin look and feel. Because Rose uses this product everyday her skin is healthy, nourished and looks great!  She believes The Classic Blend Body Oil is the perfect pairing of carrier oils with essential oils; this blend consists of almond and jojoba oils blended with the pure essential oil of lavender.

~Chris– Right now his favorite product is the sweet almond oil and his skin is glowing.  He has really noticed an improvement in the texture of his skin; it is softer than ever!  He says that he does not remember a time when his skin has felt and looked better!  Sweet almond oil is full of vitamins and minerals and is beneficial for all skin types.

~Janet D– Her favorite product is the Muscle Therapy Cream because it has two of her favorite essential oils in it, rosemary and peppermint. She also loves the way it helps her muscles and joints and uses it regularly between massage sessions. She also has been using the rosemary essential oil in her shampoo for an “eye opening” experience to wake her up in the morning shower! What a great idea!

~Nikki– Her favorite product is the Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream.  She started using this last winter when her hands were very dry. It really helps to heal and nourish her skin, it is her all time standby for her hands.  The blend of the lavender and roman chamomile is very soothing for dry and cracked skin.  It truly is a must have, especially through the winter months.

~Janet C– Her favorite products are the sweet almond oil blended with geranium and orange essential oils. She uses this everyday to ensure her skin is getting the best treatment and she loves the way it smells too! With it being this time of year and the holidays are upon us, she is also enjoying our Nice Spice candles! These are a seasonal item of Your Body Needs… stock up now!

~Beverly– She also enjoys the Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream.  She has been using it for some time now and it has really helped her cracked heels. Another benefit of this cream is that it smells wonderful, it is fast absorbing and a little goes a long way. She also loves the aroma so much that sometimes she opens it up just to smell it! Close behind the Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream is the Classic Body Blend Body Oil….sometimes picking one product is difficult!

~Corey– His favorite product is cedarwood essential oil. He enjoys using it in a tea light diffuser as it helps him relax and calm down. Cory has found this essential oil beneficial at night as it helps him obtain a restful sleep.

The staff is very passionate about our products and they should be!  Our products are made with care and quality ingredients.  We have a variety of lovely gift packages put together to make your holiday shopping a bit easier. 

Here’s what you can find in the studio this holiday season:

  • Happy Feet– includes your choice of either a 4oz Lovely candle or a 4oz Total Calm candle, Your Body Needs…  Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream, and a pumice stone.
  • Body Beautiful– includes Your Body Needs… Classic Blend Body Oil, a luxurious waffle weave wash cloth, Honey and Oats goatsmilk soap and a soap dish.
  • Massage Me Gift Package– complete with Your Body Needs… Muscle Therapy Cream, a wooden massage roller and an herb mint pillow.
  • A Little Something– includes a face brush, waffle weave wash cloth, pure lavender soap and a soap dish.
  • Nebulizer kits “Berry Christmas”  comes with essential oils of juniper berry, peppermint and cedarwood and “Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice” comes with essential oils of cinnamon, clove and orange.
  • Breathe Deep Yoga Kit– the perfect gift for the Yogi in your life; contains essential oils of frankincense, clary sage and peppermint.  Also comes with a diffuser recipe to complete a yoga workout.
  • Travel Box gift sets– One kit contains geranium and orange while the other kit contains lavender and tea tree. These are perfect for the person who is always on the go! 

We hope you can find some of your favorite things right here at Your Body Needs…  We wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to seeing you soon!

Love your salads more!

21 Jun

When in Rome do as the Romans do! One of the many legacies of ancient Rome is its unique cuisine. But you don’t need to be in Rome to start eating tasty healthy food. 



The Romans are popularly know for their use of olive oil. It is important not to confuse pure olive oil with regular vegetable oil.  Pure olive oil should have a deep green/yellow color and a rich, thick consistency. Olive oil is versatile in the kitchen – you can use it to cook with or to dress cold dishes. 

Instead of pre-bottled dressing for your salad, try using a simple mixture of olive oil and vinegar!

The nutritutional benefits of the olive oil are many. Balsamic vinegar is also very good for you and practically born to dress salad.  Red wine, white, cider or any other vinegar can also be used.  One bottle will last a long time because a little goes a long way.

On account of my Italian background, I have been using olive oil and vinegar to dress my salads all my life. It is no wonder that studies consistently show that Mediterranean countries are the healthiest in the world.  Substituting olive oil, a monounsaturated fat, for saturated fats or polyunsaturated fats can: 

  • REDUCE blood pressure
  • Inhibit the growth of some cancers
  • Benefit people at risk for or with diabetes
  • Lessen the severity of asthma and arthritis
  • Help your body maintain a lower weight
  • IMPROVE your skin (retains moisture)

Why not pre-made dressings?
They are HIGH in cost and calories, and usually fat (which clogs up your arteries), and all those bottles clog up your fridge too.

To use on your next salad, simply drizzle the olive oil then the vinegar over the salad lightly and toss.

Next time you’re eating out, ask for pure olive oil and vinegar.  Chances are they have some.


YBN Essential Oil Line

1 Jun

Even though aromatherapy has become a popular commodity, there still remains some confusion among people regarding its benefits. Understanding true aromatherapy can open up an exciting new world for you.

First, you need to understand exactly what it is so you don’t get fooled into purchasing misdirecting, rubbish products that claim to be the real thing, though is not. Pure essential oils are the foundation of aromatherapy. Essential oils are extracted from plants and other natural resources. They then go through the proper distillation process. These concentrated oils are indispensable to us – many industries cannot live without them such as the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industry. These industries purchase the greatest amount of essential oils available on the market to add to their products.

Each essential oil has its own versatile uses- for example, lavender is a wonderful relaxant and highly beneficial in skin care. You can purchase essential oils for your home and use them in numeral ways. It is critical that you purchase pure essential oils and not fragrant oils or adulterated oils. If your oils are not pure, then you will not gain the therapeutic rewards from the product. Check back here soon to learn ways in which you can use these pure essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. Now go Buy Essential Oils!

Bad, bad skin care reporting

6 Apr

Woman inspecting her skin with a mirrorI am so sick of poor news reports and television segments that proclaim, “Stay tuned for how to keep your skin healthy…” and then go ahead and report very bad information! The last one of these segments I saw recommended using Vaseline as a great all purpose skin moisturizer! They went on to say you can rub it on your face and neck before bedtime. Vaseline blocks pores and is made up of 100% petroleum! These so called experts do not yet know the basics of skin care. I am shocked.