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July’s Essential Oil of the Month…Cedarwood!

3 Jul

PAP_YBN-3-webBotanical Name: Cedrus atlantica

Source: Wood


The aroma of Cedarwood essential oil can be described as sweet and woody. Cedarwood essential oil is best known for its ability to soothe and calm the nervous system.  Therapeutic properties of Cedarwood essential oil include, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent, stimulant, sedative properties.  Cedarwood essential oil also works as a natural insect repellent.

Cedarwood has historically been used by the Egyptians for embalming the dead and has also been used by the Native Americans to enhance their spiritual practices.

Experience Cedarwood essential oil in your massage this month.  Our July aromatherapy blend of the month,  “Sweet Summertime”, features a blend of Cedarwood, Grapefruit, Palmarosa and Rosemary essential oils.  Call or email us to schedule your appointment!

Uses & Facts:

  • Used by the Egyptians for embalming.
  • Soothing and calming to the nervous system.
  • Useful for acne, bronchitis, arthritis and stress reduction.
  • Use during meditation for a calming and grounding effect.


Meditation Blend

In a diffuser or nebulizer add the following essential oils:

Cedarwood essential oil– 5 drops

Juniperberry essential oil– 3 drops

Lavender essential oil– 4 drops

*Experience this aromatic diffusion in this month’s Guided Aromatherapy Meditation on Wednesday July 17th at 6:30 PM!

Bug Away Blend

In a 4 oz spritzer bottle combine the following:

Cedarwood essential oil– 13 drops

Lemongrass essential oil– 10 drops

Lavender essential oil– 10 drops

Peppermint essential oil– 4 drops

Eucalyptus essential oil– 8 drops

Fill bottle 50% distilled water and 50% apple cider vinegar

To Use: Spray on body and face (close eyes when spraying face) while outdoors for bug control.


Come on in and shop our studio or on-line!

For the month of July receive 10% off your Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes!


June’s Essential Oil of the Month…The Chamomiles!

3 Jun

PAP_YBN-4-hi-res Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita (German chamomile) & Anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile)

Source: Flowers


German and Roman chamomile come from two different plants.  The properties of these essential oils are somewhat similar however their chemical make- up are very different.  Both German and Roman chamomile are somewhat similar in odor,  herbaceous and sweet.  German and Roman chamomile have been used medicinally since ancient times.  Roman chamomile was used up until World War II as a disinfectant and antiseptic in hospitals and surgeries.   The chamomiles are some of the gentlest essential oils.

Uses & Facts:


 After Sun Soother

4 drops German Chamomile essential oil

5 drops Lavender essential oil


1 drop Peppermint essential oil

Combine the essential oils with one ounce of Sweet Almond Oil.  Massage into skin for relief.

Breathe Better Diffuser Blend

4 drops German Chamomile essential oil

3 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

5 drops Frankincense essential oil

Add essential oils to a tea light diffuser or nebulizer.

Stress Ease Diffuser Blend

4 drops Roman Chamomile essential oil

4 drops Orange essential oil

4 drops Lavender essential oil

Add essential oils to a tea light diffuser or nebulizer.




Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of June receive 10% off your German and Roman Chamomile Pure Essential Oil purchase!

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May’s Essential Oil of the Month…Clary Sage!

1 May

PAP_YBN-7-web Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea Source: flowering tops and leaves Overview:  The aroma of clary sage essential oil can be described as earthy and herbaceous.  Clary sage is an excellent essential oil for the nervous system, it truly does induce a calming effect and is useful during times of stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. While clary sage essential oil is known to be calming to the nervous system, other systems of the body benefit too.  Clary sage essential oil is helpful to the female reproductive system in all stages.  It can be used to help reduce menstrual cramps, when combined with geranium essential oil provides menopausal relief and it can also be used during childbirth (consult with your physician and an aromatherapist before using any essential during pregnancy or childbirth).  

  • Clary sage essential oil is also effective for those suffering from asthma; inhaling this essential oil can provide relief to spasms of the bronchial tubes and open up the lungs for better breathing.

It has also been said that clary sage essential oil helps to overcome creative blocks, diffuse while working on a paper, speech or anything else where you need your creativity to soar!
A word of caution, do not combine the use of clary sage essential oil with alcohol as this essential oil can induce a narcotic effect. Don’t miss out on stocking up on clary sage essential oil this month!  And be sure to book your massage and try our blend of the month, “Clarity” featuring essential oils of clary sage, lavender, lemon and juniper berry.



clarysage Creativity Blend Use this blend when you have to work on a project, write a paper or anything else where you need to tap into your creative potential!

Clary sage essential oil– 3 drops

Black Pepper essential oil– 5 drops

Grapefruit essential oil– 4 drops

Add essential oils to a tea light diffuser or nebulizer and create away.

So You Can Sleep Blend

Clary sage essential oil– 3 drops

Neroli essential oil– 5 drops

Roman Chamomile essential oil– 3 drops

Add essential oils to an electric diffuser (nebulizer) to use at bed time and during sleep.  Sweet dreams!

Menstrual Cramp Relief Blend

Clary Sage essential oil– 5 drops

Rosemary essential oil– 4 drops

Roman Chamomile essential oil– 5 drops

Add the above essential oils to 1 ounce of grapeseed carrier oil and massage over abdomen 2-3 times a day as needed for pain relief.  

Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of May receive 10% off your Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil purchase! As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes!

YBN News Flash!

11 Apr

information symbolDISCOUNTED MASSAGES

Here’s the scoop:

Don’t miss out on our aroma massage package series, this offer only comes around a couple of times in the year.  For a limited time you can purchase your massage series and keep up with those regular sessions.  Remember, massage is good for you!

Buy five or more (50 minute with aroma) $100 massages for $90 each.


Buy five or more (75 minute with aroma) $125 massages for $115 each.

When to purchase: 

Begins Wednesday April 10th – ends Thursday April 18th at 5 pm.

Ways to purchase:

1.  Come into the studio during office hours Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm.

2.  On line at

3.  Call (443-292-4395) during office hours to order over the phone.

1) Must be purchased during the offered dates.
2) No refunds or exchanges.
3) You will receive one card per package – not multiples


Aroma Yoga- Enhance Your Experience, our latest class, was introduced early this spring.  Each week features a different theme where the poses and essential oil blends work hand in hand with the other.  This yoga class truly does enhance your experience and is for all levels; come see for yourself.  Classes are held every Monday at 5:30 pm with talented yoga instructor Kim Murphy.

 Classes include:

“Breathe Deep”, “Happiness in a Pose”, “Still the Mind”, “Stretch, Flow, Focus”, “From Energy to Ahh…” and “Wring it Out”.

If you haven’t attended yet what are you waiting for?

Please call the office to register for Aroma Yoga at 443-292-4395  (space is limited).


Cost: $28 each OR $150 for a package of six classes

*Please bring your own yoga mat to class.

April’s Essential Oil of the Month…Geranium!

2 Apr

PAP_YBN-11-webBotanical Name
: Pelagonium graveolens

Source: leaves and stems


Geranium essential oil has an up-lifting  fresh and floral aroma; welcome spring with this lovely essential oil!  Geraniums are a popular plant, that come in a variety of colors; in fact, there are over 250 different species of this plant.  Geraniums originated in South Africa and were introduced in Europe during the 17th century.  An interesting fact about geranium plants is their beautiful aroma comes from the leaves not the flower!

Geranium essential oil is extremely balancing to the body this includes hormones, skin and the nervous system.  Because geranium essential oil is a hormone balancer it is useful for relief of PMS and menopause.  In skin care, geranium is an excellent choice as it balances sebum (oil) production therefore  helpful for those with dry skin, oily skin or combination skin types.  On an emotional level geranium essential oil is both calming and uplifting.  Geranium essential oil can be used in massage, bath, a compress, skin care, diffused or through direct inhalation.

Don’t forget to book your massage  this month and try geranium essential oil in our blend of the month, “April Blossoms“.  This month we bring you a delightful happy blend of Geranium, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Jasmine essential oils.

Uses & Facts:


Spring Clean Window Cleaner

8 ounces distilled water

8 ounces white distilled vinegar


20 drops geranium essential oil

16 ounce spray bottle

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle.  Shake before each use.

Use this to clean windows, mirrors and other surfaces that are dusty and grimy.

Happy Spring Cleaning!  Learn more about how to clean your home with essential oils and other products in the Clean Your Home Naturally workshop.

Cleansing Spring Bath Salt Blend

1 cup sea salt

1/4 cup baking soda

1/2 cup rose petals (available for purchase in our studio!)

10 drops orange essential oil

5 drops geranium essential oil

Combine sea salt, baking soda and rose petals in a bowl, stir well.  Gradually add the essential oils being sure to stir well after every few drops.

Store your bath salt in a sealed jar.  Use in bath by either adding a few generous scoops to your water or place the amount you are using in a muslin bag so the petals do not clog your drain.  Soak and enjoy!

Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of March receive 10% off your Geranium Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes!

March’s Essential Oil of the Month…Rosemary!

1 Mar

PAP_YBN-26-hi-resBotanical Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Source: flowers and leaves


Rosemary is a popular aromatic herb.  It grows wildly in the Mediterranean region near the sea and the botanical name for rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) reflects this; the Latin ros, means dew and marinus, means sea.  Rosemary essential oil is energizing and stimulating which makes it perfect for this time of year as we transition from the slumber of winter to aliveness of spring.

Rosemary is a versatile essential oil; use it for depression, fatigue, memory, headaches, chest congestion, flu, in household cleaning and in hair care.   Rosemary essential oil is an analgesic which makes it useful to use for muscular and arthritis relief.  Diffuse Rosemary essential oil while working or studying in order to get the mental boost this essential oil provides.  Feel the energy Rosemary essential oil brings, use it first thing in the morning to get that “wake up” boost to get your day going or during that mid day slump when energy is waning.

Don’t miss out on your massage this month with our Blend of the Month!  This month we bring you “Love Your Life” featuring essential oils of RosemaryNeroliGrapefruit and Palmarosa.

Uses & Facts:


 Hair Care Tip:

1. Add a small amount of shampoo to your hand.

2. Add one drop of Rosemary essential oil to the amount of shampoo in your hand.

3.  Massage into hair and scalp.

Repeat the above steps with your conditioner too.  Not only will this awaken your senses but your hair will feel soft and manageable too!

Concentration Booster Diffuser Blend

Use this blend when you need that extra boost to focus.  Use at work, while driving*, before a meeting, while studying for that exam and any other occasion where you need that extra boost to focus.

Add the following to a tealight or electric diffuser:

Rosemary essential oil– 4 drops

Peppermint essential oil– 1 drop

Grapefruit essential oil– 4 drops

Lavender essential oil– 3 drops

*When using a car diffuser cut the number of drops in this recipe by half.  Use no more than 6 drops total of essential oils in a car diffuser.

Counter Top Spring Cleaning Disinfecting Spray

Add the following to a 4 ounce spray bottle:

Rosemary essential oil– 12 drops


Lemon essential oil– 14 drops

Lemongrass essential oil– 5 drops

White Distilled Vinegar- 2 ounces

Distilled Water- 2 ounces

To use:

Shake before each use.

Spray on counter tops and wipe off with a clean sponge.

For an extra boost add one drop of the essential oils to your sponge before use.

Making your own disinfectant sprays is a great alternative to using commercial cleaning products that are filled with harsh chemicals.  Learn more by attending the Clean Your Home Naturally workshop.


Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of March receive 10% off your Rosemary Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes!

Spotlight on Couples Massage…

5 Feb

February is here, the month of love!100_1419  Make this Valentine’s day special (and calorie free!) with a couples massage!  Massage is very therapeutic and so is spending quality time together.

Your Body Needs… stands out when it comes to massage and couples massage is no different.  We really take the time to listen to what each of you want to achieve from your session.  If one partner is seeking a massage to de-stress while the other wants deep tissue focus, no problem!  If one partner wishes to receive aromatherapy and the other does not or if the other partner wants a different aromatherapy blend, again, no problem.  Whether it’s your first time here or your five hundredth time, be assured that the two of you will experience a wonderful massage made for two but with your individual needs in mind!

We Care…

At Your Body Needs… we care about our clients; we not only care about taking care of your muscles but we also care about your skin!  We know that everything that is applied to your skin has an effect on your body, this is why we only use all natural ingredients.  We use cold pressed grapeseed oil in all of our massage sessions.  Grapeseed oil provides nutrients to your skin, does not contain parabens, mineral oil and there are no synthetics.  This goes not only for our massage blends (scroll to bottom of page for a list of blends), but for all of our products.

Be Their Valentine…

If you need a quick gift, you can’t go wrong with a massage gift certificate!  Gift certificates can be purchased on-line or in our studio.  We also have an array of gift packages available for purchase in our studio and plenty of other products to choose from in store or on-line!

Wishing everyone a month filled with love, happiness and massages !  Call our studio (443-292-4395) or send us an email to set up your couples massage today!

February’s Essential Oil of the Month…Thyme!

1 Feb

PAP_YBN-29-hi-resBotanical Name: Thymus vulgaris

Source: flowering tops and leaves


We are excited about this month’s essential oil as thyme is a favorite at Your Body Needs (ok, you got us, we say that about all of our essential oils)!  The aroma of thyme essential oil can be described as sweet, herbaceous and strong.  One of the best therapeutic properties of thyme is its antimicrobial strength.   Use thyme in your home- made cleaning products and hand sanitizer.  Place a couple drops of thyme essential oil on your kitchen sponge before wiping the counter tops; not only will your kitchen smell fantastic but it will kill germs that linger about!  Diffuse thyme in your home to cleanse the air and keep those nasty winter germs at bay.

The aroma of thyme essential oil brings with it a feeling of warmth and comfort.  Diffuse thyme when you are feeling like you need extra comforting.  It helps with the nervous system in cases of mental fatigue, excessive worry and depression.  For a quick on the go pick me up place a couple drops of thyme essential oil on a cotton pad and you have your own portable diffuser! Breathing the aroma of thyme essential oil also helps to relieve stress headaches.  Overall, thyme essential oil is beneficial for the immune system, nervous system and respiratory system.  There are so many good things to say about thyme essential oil.  If thyme is not hanging out in your essential oil collection there is no need to wait any longer!  Everyone could use more thyme (could not resist), pick yours up this month either in studio or on-line!

Experience thyme essential oil in our massage blend of the month; “Orange You Amazing”.  This blend consists of thyme, rose, patchouli and orange essential oils.  It smells amazing and you are amazing so get that massage!

Uses & Facts:


Hand Sanitizer

This is a must for those of you who can’t leave home without hand sanitizer.  Make your own, it is better than those alcohol laden ones.  This version is all natural and kinder to your skin.  Plus its easy to make too!
Here’s what you need:

Fresh Thyme

Thyme essential oil– 9 drops

Tea Tree essential oil– 3 drops

Lavender essential oil– 12 drops

Aloe Vera gel- 1 ounce

Distilled water- 1 ounce

2 ounce spritzer bottle

Add the above ingredients to the 2 ounce spritzer bottle.  Shake to combine.

To use: Shake before each application and spray on hands and rub together!  Say goodbye to those other hand sanitizer products!  Those are like lighting a candle with a blow torch!

Germ Fighting Diffuser Blend

This is a blend to keep your immune system healthy.  Diffuse this blend as a preventative or when you or someone  in your household is under the weather.  A great blend to diffuse during the winter months; it is not the cold that makes us sick, rather being indoors more often.  Cleanse the air in your living space with this thyme blend!

You can also diffuse thyme essential oil all by itself.  It makes the space feel warm, cozy and safe all while strengthening your immune system!

Thyme essential oil– 4 drops

Cinnamon essential oil– 5 drops

Eucalyptus essential oil– 3 drops


Come on in and shop our studio or on-line! For the month of February receive 10% off your Thyme Pure Essential Oil purchase!

As always, check out our website at for more information and recipes!

Gifts of Comfort & Joy

17 Dec

If you are still looking for the perfect gift or for a little something Your Body Needs… has what you need to fill those stockings with cheer!  We have an array of beautiful gift packages that have been created and assembled here at the studio. We are pleased to bring you bath fizzies and fizzy bath salts this year as well as beautiful dried flower buds of lavender, rose and chamomile. Everything smells so good and looks amazing. Come on in and find something for everyone on your list and give beautiful gifts that will bring comfort and joy to all!

Stocking Stuffers

We have a selection of products perfect for little gifts or for stuffing those stockings!


Little Somethings:  Packaged with a waffle weave face cloth, natural wooden soap dish, face brush and lavender soap.  These are a favorite every year!


Bath Fizzies: Come in a variety of shapes from stars, snowmen, angels, doves and more.  These are fun and whimsical and make the perfect gift for anyone.  They smell great and leave your skin feeling soft and nourished after taking a bath!

There are two varieties to choose from “All is Calm” featuring  a blend of Lavender, Orange and Clary Sage and “Peace on Earth” is a blend of Patchouli, Frankincense and Clove Bud.

We also have Bath Salt Fizzies too!


The Gift Packages…

Body Beautiful Gift Package

Body Beautiful Gift Package

Body Beautiful is packed with everything for your skin.  Classic Blend Body Oil, Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream, Bath Fizzie Ball (made with essential oils of rose, ginger and mandarin) and finished off with beautiful chamomile buds.  This is such a delightful gift to give!

Visions of Sugar Plums

Visions of Sugar Plums

Visions of Sugar Plums is the ultimate gift for de-stressing.  This wonderful package contains beautiful loose chamomile flowers, a nebulizer, essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin and Roman Chamomile and an herbal eye pillow.  Perfect for getting that great night sleep; you  will have visions of sugar plums dancing in your head in no time!

A Rosy Holiday (center)

A Rosy Holiday is a beautiful gift to give.  The dried rose petals smell amazing and catch the eye.  This package contains Classic Blend Body Oil, a facial brush and a heart-shaped bath fizzie made with essential oils of Rose, Ginger and Mandarin.

Staff Picks…

Rose and Janet C:

Visions of Sugar Plums.  What Rose says,  “This would be an awesome give to receive even if the person doesn’t know anything about aromatherapy.  It is packaged beautifully, anyone would be happy to get this as a gift!”

What Janet C says, “I like that the nebulizers are easy to use and clean.  Also, it is nice to be able to mix oils and create blends to diffuse around the house, especially during the holidays.  I would love to receive this package!”

Chris & Janet D:

The Blending Package.  What Chris says, “I like the base of almond carrier oil, it does wonders for my skin.  I like the that the package has everything in it to make blends and I really like the combination of of Ginger, Rose and Mandarin essential oils .”

What Janet D says, “These have everything in them you need to blend.  They make a great introduction for those starting out on the path of blending.  Everything is kept tidy in the zip bags.  The zip bags makes them very portable, take them with you when you travel!”


Body Beautiful.  “I would love to receive this package.  It has the necessities for skin care especially during the winter months.  Classic Blend Body Oil, Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream (I never leave home without it) plus a bath fizzie!  The chamomile buds make the package extra special.  I would use the buds for tea and along with the fizzie to soak in the bath.  This package is beautiful!”


Home for the Holidays.  “I enjoy using my tealight diffuser so I picked this package.  It comes with essential oils of Ginger, Cinnamon and Orange which smell good together.”

Corey is also a fan of our Muscle Therapy Cream.  The blend of six essential oils (Peppermint, Rosemary, Ginger, Black Pepper, Clove Bud and Thyme) really helps to take the ache out of overworked muscles.  Muscle Therapy Cream makes a great stocking stuffer!

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays

If you still don’t know what to give massage gift certificates always make the perfect gift!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  See you in the new year with the essential oil of the month!

Take care and be merry!

Don’t be Fooled; Massage is not a Trick or a Treat!

22 Oct

Massage Is Not A Treat 

A treat is something you limit yourself to; something that you do or have on an occasional basis.  Massage therapy is not a treat, yet far too often massage is referred to as something you “treat” yourself to on special occasions such as your birthday or while on vacation.  There is nothing wrong with receiving massage treatments on those so-called “special” days however massage should not be made exclusive to those days only.  Massage therapy in fact should be received on a regular basis as part of your healthy lifestyle.  You would not eat a nutritious meal only on special days of the year as a “treat”, or workout only on your birthday.  Your body is your container and you only have one body to live in during your lifetime; take care of your whole being.  This includes good nutrition, exercise, keeping your mind sharp, using aromatherapy, receiving regular massage therapy, stress reduction, breathing, meditation and so much more!  Change your attitude about massage therapy.  Realize it is not a treat but something you benefit from especially when received on a regular basis.  Regular sessions allow you to become more aware of how you feel in your own body.  Make massage therapy part of your regular routine and you will find that you look forward to these sessions and the more you go, the more you benefit both physically and mentally.  Whether you receive a massage focused on stress reduction or one with area specific work, your body benefits.

Massage Is Not A Trick

In a nutshell here is what goes on in your body during massage:

  • Endorphins are released during massage.  These are hormones that reduce pain, induce relaxation and promote feelings of well-being.
  • Muscle relaxation and pain reduction occurs through sensory receptors in the skin.  Touch is healing!
  • The pain cycle is interrupted.  This happens as muscles become relaxed and there is an increase in the blood supply.
  • Elicits the relaxation response where breathing deepens and blood pressure reduces.
  • Blood flow increases which allows nutrients to be delivered to muscles and tissues while removing wastes.
  • Increase in red blood cells which allows for more oxygenated blood.
  • Immune response is enhanced via the lymphatic system.

As you can see, massage not only feels good but benefits the entire body!  It is no surprise massage therapy has been used throughout history.  In fact the use of massage therapy has been found in every culture in some form all over the world.  In the words of  the Greek philosopher Hippocrates; “Healing begins with an aromatic bath and daily massage.”

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Here’s what some of our clients are saying about their own experiences with therapeutic massage:

  • “I look forward to my regular massage sessions.  I have a stressful job and perform a lot repetitive tasks.  Massage allows me time to de-stress and provides relief from my tension areas.”
  • “About 20 years ago I was in a serious auto accident and my legs were almost crushed in the door of my car.  Even though I was able to walk and didn’t have any broken bones my Dr’s said I would be dealing with limited mobility and pain as a result of nerve damage in my legs for the rest of my life.  They were right, for the last 18 years I had been dealing with pain in my legs and feet taking pain medicine and limiting some of my activities in order to cope.  That was until about a year or so ago I had my first massage and my therapist recommended more frequent sessions to help my pain.  After about 3 monthly sessions I noticed that the pain in my legs had all but gone away and after about 6 months the pain in my feet had subsided and I was able to walk without being in pain. I find myself now being able to walk and do things without pain and that before I either wouldn’t have even tried because I knew it would hurt or even those day to day things like walking up and down stairs and just getting out of bed would have been so painful.  I no longer take any pain medication and will continue to see my massage therapist on a regular basis.  Besides the benefit to my legs and feet my massages have made my stress levels go way down and have helped me sleep better too. “
  • “Massages for me are not a luxury but a necessity.  I find that having a
    monthly massage ensures that I feel my best emotionally and physically,
    which is important with my demanding schedule and dealing with a chronic
    pain disorder.  The fact that Your Body Needs incorporates the benefits of
    essential oils with fabulous massage therapists!means I am always feeling my best.”
  • “I used to think massage was only for special occasions: birthdays, holidays, graduation, etc. That was before I injured my back a few years ago.   I tried everything from medication, physical therapy, injections and even surgery.  I was stressed all the time and in chronic pain. Essentially, I was miserable. Eventually I discovered the more I was stressed, the more pain I experienced.  I ignored my body and what it was telling me. I’m stubborn, so it took me awhile to actually listen to some very well meaning friends and family telling me to make some changes.   They told me I worked too much, too hard, was irritable (so sorry friends and family) and too stressed. When my team of doctor’s suggested a second back surgery, I finally started listening to my friends and family and started looking for some alternative solutions. It took some time for me to come around, but I finally convinced myself I DESERVED to get regular massage and not just for those special occasions. Massage helps me to relax, de-stress, and keep my back in good working order.   It’s really simple-the less stressed I am, the less pain I experience. I’m happy to report that after regular sessions with Nikki at YBN, I haven’t needed the previously required regular medication schedule, physical therapy, injections or (and this is my favorite part) any more midnight trips to the ER because I could no longer walk.  Thank you family and friends for convincing me I was worth it and thank you Nikki and YBN for keeping me healthy.  It is truly a gift.”

Have you had your massage this month?  If not, take care of yourself by calling Your Body Needs today to set up that appointment (443-292-4395).  Do it for you, do it for your health.  Once you change the way you look at massage, you open a door to another avenue of a lifestyle that is good for you!  Take care.