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Benefits and Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil

5 Aug

The essential oil of Frankincense is quite popular in our modern era. And, with good reason. Frankincense has been valued since ancient times for its medicinal, aromatic, cosmetic and spiritual applications. Today, we know that this essential oils is naturally beneficial for:

  1. Better respiration
  2. Anti-Inflammatory properties
  3. Helping to relieve stress and anxiety
  4. Helping to support the immune system
  5. Skin care

Below I have shared a couple of recipes that have been popular with attendees to my sessions on the Benefits and Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil. Our next class is scheduled for August 12th at our Annapolis location starting at 5:30pm. These classes are free. Your Body Needs…Frankincense is sold undiluted in 5ml or 10ml, it is organic and from a sustainable source. You will love the quality of our Frankincense.

Stop the Noise Blend.

To help slow down and deepen breath.

  1. Bath: Add 3 drops frankincense, 2 drops clarysage and 2 drops lavender essential oils. Take deep breaths as you inhale the aroma.
  2. In a diffuser: Add 4 drops frankincense, 3 drops clarysage and 4 lavender OR 4 drops frankincense, 2 drops rose, 2 drops ylang ylang and 3 drops orange essential oils.

Anti-Inflammatory or Joint Conditions.

  1. In 15ml of cold pressed carrier oil (almond, grapeseed, safflower) add 5 drops of frankincense, 7 drops of lavender and 2 drops of thyme essential oils. Apply as needed.

Upcoming Workshops…Don’t Miss Out!

19 Feb

ImageHere’s a list of the workshops left for Winter.  Stay tuned, the Spring Workshop schedule will be out soon.  Register for workshops by calling the office (443-292-4395) or via email (info@yourbodyneeds.com) .  Spark your interests, learn something new, and while you are at it you are doing something good for you!!


Love the Skin You’re In: Tonight (2/19) 6:30 PM

Learn the benefits of taking care of your skin naturally using pure aromatherapy ingredients. You learn how to keep your skin healthy and make your own body moisturizer and exfoliating salt scrub! An excellent class combining fun and education!
Cost: $45    Instructor: Nikki VanZandt

Aromatherapy Blending One: Wednesday February 20th 6:30 PM

Learn to blend your own aromatherapy health and beauty products! Blending One helps you formulate and build a product from scratch using natural ingredients that will benefit your body. Learn the art of blending and about the carrier oils you would use. In this class, you create and take home a 2 oz blended product and a stress blend you create all on your own! This is a standalone class however it is recommended you take the “Introduction to Aromatherapy” beforehand.
Cost: $68    Instructor: Rose Chard


Flexibility-What You Need and How to Get it On Your Own: Thursday March 7th 7 PM

You don’t need to stretch everything!  And if your tissues are too tough, you can’t stretch anything.  Discover simple strategies you can do at home to soften your tighter areas, and then improve mobility around tight joints.  Experience less pain with movement by understanding how to help your body heal itself.  The best part: You can do many of these strategies at home while watching TV or reading so you don’t need to devote more time to a separate activity.

Cost:$25    Instructor: Jonathan Ross

Guided Aromatherapy Meditation: Wednesday March 13th 6:30 PM

This workshop is being offered on a monthly basis, you will experience a different guided meditation each month. Also, incorporated into the meditation will be the use of essential oils. Meditation is beneficial to everyone as a way to reduce stress and bring awareness back into your mind and body. Chairs are provided, if you wish to sit on the floor bring a mat and or cushion. The meditation will be approximately 30 minutes in length.

Theme for March: “Welcome Spring”- A meditation for the season!  Focus on the renewal of life and beauty that spring brings.
Cost: $15 or $48 with the purchase of four sessions.    Instructor: Nikki VanZandt

Clean Your Home Naturally: Tuesday March 19th 6:30 PM

Learn how to clean your home using essential oils and some other products you have in your pantry!  You make an all-purpose surface cleaner, a carpet freshener, and a room spray.  Also included are recipes and tips to creating an aromatically clean environment.

Cost:  $48    Instructor: Nikki VanZandt

Awaken the Feet-Massage Techniques for Stress Relief: Wednesday March 27th 6:30 PM

There are approximately 7,800 nerve endings in one foot; that’s why massage to the feet feels so good!  Learn effective techniques to massage the feet for stress relief.  We will also discuss and explore what points on the feet correspond to parts of the body (reflexology).  Bring a partner, or just yourself either way be prepared to exchange foot massages!  Your feet do a lot for you, not only will they feel relief but so will you!

Cost:  $30    Instructor: Nikki VanZandt

Baby it’s Cold Outside- Winter Skin CareTips

21 Jan


Your skin, the largest organ of your body, protects you, absorbs nutrients, provides insulation and so much more.  With exposure to drier air and colder temperatures skin loses oil and water it needs to stay healthy and supple and becomes dry, irritated, cracked or itchy.  Here are some tips to help your skin as the journey through winter continues.

In the Bath:

  • Avoid long hot showers.  As tempting as it may be to take a hot shower or bath to warm up, use lukewarm water only.  Hot water strips your skin of its natural oils.  The hotter the water and the longer the shower the more oil your skin loses.
  • Dry skin brushing.  Do this once a week to help stimulate your skin’s natural oils.  Use small swift circular motions towards the heart.  Dry brush skin right before your shower or bath.
  • Use natural soaps that are gentle to your skin such as Your Body Needs… Goats Milk Soap, Lavender Soap and Peppermint Eucalyptus Soap.  Avoid commercial soaps, these tend to be drying to the skin, and are loaded with synthetic fillers and fragrances.  You can even make your own body washes using unscented castile soap, essential oils and sweet almond oil!
  • Exfoliate in the shower once a week.  Create your own sea salt and sugar scrubs using sweet almond oil and essential oils.  These scrubs rid the skin of dead cells and add lipids back into the epidermis.
  • Always, always, always apply body oil after a shower or bath.  You can create your own blends, or if that is a daunting task, use Your Body NeedsClassic Blend Body Oil.  Apply body oil when skin is still slightly damp, this way your skin will be both hydrated and moisturized.  

Give Your Hands a Hand:

Our hands are exposed to everything!  Give them the extra care they need.

  • Hand washing and detergents are drying to your skin.  This doesn’t mean you have to stop washing your hands!  Remember to apply moisturizer to them frequently such as Your Body Needs Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream.  This cream is truly a winter- time staple!  Never leave home without it!
  • Keep your hands protected from the elements by wearing gloves or mittens.
  •  Avoid hand sanitizing products that contain alcohol.  Alcohol is extremely drying to the skin.  Can’t live without your hand sanitizer?  Make your own using essential oils such as Tea Tree, Thyme and Lavender mixed with distilled water and aloe vera gel.  Place ingredients in a 2 ounce spritzer bottle and take it with you!
  • Wear gloves when washing dishes.  This will protect your hands from being over-exposed to hot water and detergents.

In the Laundry:

  • Check your detergent.  Do not use anything that contains synthetic fragrances.  Instead, use varieties that are free of perfumes and dyes.
  • Avoid scented dryer sheets. If you do use dryer sheets, again, make sure they are free from fragrances.
  • If you miss that fresh laundry scent add a damp cloth with a few drops of Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil and pop it in the dryer along with your clothes!

Other Ways to Help Your Skin:

  • Don’t forget your feet; they get dry too!  Be sure to use a pumice stone on callused areas and apply Hydrating Hand and Foot Cream to them before going to bed.  You will have smooth feet in the morning!
  • Using heat in the home is unavoidable however that adds to the drying of your skin.  Use a humidifier to replace lost moisture in the air.  Not only will your skin benefit, your sinuses will too!
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.  Water helps all systems of your body, skin included!

Protect and take care of your skin.  Nourish it by using natural products; your skin absorbs everything you put on it into your body.  Your skin is the only organ of the body that is directly exposed to it all! Nourish it, protect it and it will protect you!  Stay warm and mosturized everyone!

Want to learn more about taking care of your skin?  Attend our workshop, “Love the Skin You’re In” on Tuesday February 19th at 6:30 PM. You will learn how to use essential oils in skin care and create a body oil and an exfoliating salt scrub.  Call the office or stop by the studio to register.

Fall Back Into Workshops at Your Body Needs!

3 Oct

Do you want to learn more about blending with essential oils? How about taking care of your skin with all natural ingredients? Do you want to learn how to make your own protein power balls? Would you enjoy welcoming the season with a guided aromatherapy meditation to welcome the fall? You are in luck!  You can do all of this at Your Body Needs!

Workshop Schedule for October:

Love the Skin You’re In: This workshop is fun and informative.  Come and learn what to use on your skin to really take care of it and what not to use on it; you may be surprised!  There is a hands on portion where you get to make a body oil and an exfoliating salt scrub.

When: Tuesday October 9 6:30 PM

Cost: $45

Blending One:  Come and learn more beyond the basics and begin your journey with art of blending with essential oils!  Learn how to make your own aromatherapy products from scratch by learning how to create and work with formulas.  This is a standalone class however it is recommended you take “Introduction to Aromatherapy” first.

When: Wednesday October 10 6:30 PM

Cost: $68

Make Your Own Protein Power Balls:  This is a hands on experience that will leave you with some take home strategies to make your own healthy on-the-go food options.  You get to see them made, sample them and take some home, plus you even get the recipe!

When: Thursday October 25 7 PM

Cost: $50

Meditation and Aromatherapy:  Meditation is offered monthly, regular practice of meditation is beneficial and healthy for your body and mind.  This month the guided meditation is “Autumn”.  You will be guided on a journey in the mountains to experience the beauty and change this time of year has to offer.

When: Wednesday October 17 6:30 PM

Cost: $15 or $48 with the purchase of four sessions


If you are interested in signing up for any of the workshops call (443-292-4395) or stop by the studio to register.  You can email us anytime at info@YourBodyNeeds.com.

Keep your eyes out for next months workshops too…we are excited to say that “Gift Making for the Holidays” is back!  The first workshop will be on Friday November 2nd.  To see the entire workshop schedule for Fall 2012 visit our website.  If you have any questions, please call us or email us, don’t hesitate to ask…that’s why we are here!  We can’t wait to see you at the workshops!

Spring Into Action, Come to Our Classes!

19 Apr

Have you found yourself wondering what essential oils are and how you can incorporate them in your lifestyle?  If you have then Your Body Needs… is the answer for you.  We not only provide excellent massage therapy services but are also an aromatherapy studio and have a variety of aromatherapy and wellness workshops.  Our workshops are perfect for anyone, and they are a lot of fun.  If you haven’t attended a workshop you really should as the world of aromatherapy has something to offer everyone.  Truly, the uses of essential oils never ceases to amaze!  We offer a variety of workshops from Introduction to Aromatherapy (a great starting point), to Love the Skin You’re In (learn how essential oils can be a part of your skin care regimen) and Aromatherapy Blending One (a more advanced workshop for those who have taken some of our other workshops).  We also offer workshops that focus on aromatherapy in specific situations such as our Essential Oils for Yoga, Aromatherapy for Men and Guided Meditation with Aromatherapy.  Check out our website for the complete list and times at www.YourBodyNeeds.com.

Your Body Needs… expanded in November 2011 to have an entire space dedicated to our aromatherapy and wellness workshops.  That is how important spreading the news about the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy is!  Whether you are a novice to aromatherapy or more experienced we have a workshop to fit your needs.

Our environments are filled with synthetics and toxins and while we can’t escape them all we can take control over our own environments and the use of essential oils allows us to do just that.  Explore the world of aromatherapy, register for a workshop and have some hands on fun with essential oils and learning ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle!  We look forward to seeing you there!

Our next workshop, Love the Skin You’re In, is Tuesday April 24 at 6:30 PM!  Call the office to register 443-292-4395.

March 17th Workshop…

19 Mar

…was a success!  It was an intimate group this evening (who would’ve thought St. Patrick’s Day would be just as popular on a Wednesday night?!) but we had a blast.  Erin, who’s mom had been using Peppermint oil on her headaches for years, came to the workshop with almost no knowledge whatsoever of the many benefits of essential oils for skin care, physical health and emotional well-being.  She left with a wishlist of essential oils and plans to blend her own all-natural body moisturizer.  The other attendees had been introduced to essential oils before but had some specific questions about blending, diffusing, and the different therapeutic properties of each essential oil.  Rose and I feel that we have mastered delivering a true introduction to aromatherapy for those who need to know where to start without feeling overwhelmed.

Want to join us at the next Intro to True Aromatherapy Workshop?

Wednesday May 19th 2010 at 7 pm
$15 per person, bring-a-friend and pay just $10 each!
Spaces are limited – reserve yours today by calling 443-292-4395 or emailing caitlin@yourbodyneeds.com.  Hope to see you there!